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Frequency of Electrical Inspection and Testing
The maximum interval for inspection and testing of certain types of electrical installation is as follows (as per BS7671:2018 wiring regulations):
Owned domestic accommodation: 10 years or at change of occupancy e.g. sale of property
Rented domestic accommodation: 5 years or visual inspection upon change of occupancy e.g. tenancy change
Educational establishments: 5 years with a visual inspection every 6 months
Offices, pubs, restaurants, hotels, social clubs & halls: 5 years with visual inspection annually
Caravan parks: 1 year with visual inspection every 6 months
Agricultural property: 3 years with visual inspection annually
If you do not have an in-date Electrical Installation Condition Report, donít delay, contact AETCS. We will be happy to offer free impartial advice to help you with your needs.
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