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Electrical Installation Condition Reports what is done?
An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) involves a detailed visual and electrical inspection of selected installation. AETCS will agree the limitations of the inspection with you. Thereafter we will conduct a visual inspection for signs of heat and physical damage to all parts of the electrical installation under inspection. We will then conduct full, detailed electrical safety tests (as identified by the BS7671:2018 wiring regulations) to identify any underlying problems/faults with installations.

If problems are discovered, they are notified in a written report to you together with a preset classification of their seriousness. At the end of the inspection, AETCS will state whether or not the installation is in a satisfactory condition to continue to be used. In the instance it is, the EICR will be signed off by AETCS and issued to you. If not, the EICR will be issued with an unsatisfactory notification and recommendations for remedial works to be carried out to ensure it can be declared as satisfactory for continued use. In both cases we undertake to explain our findings so you can be clear on the condition of the selected electrical installation.

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